Blown Fuel Injection Fuse


I went to start my 2000 Busa after a short ride. Bike turned over but would not start. The FI light started blinking, and FI appreared where the clock usually is. Towed to dealer. Dealer says blown fuse that feeds FI System was the cause. Said blown fuse caused by loose battery terminal connections. I suggested cleaning fuel injectors and FI filters. Dealer didnt feel that dirty filters of fuel injectors had anything to do with it. Has anyone ever heard of loose battery terminals blowing fuses? Any suggestions on what else may have caused the fuse to blow?

Kiwi Rider

The cause of a fuse to blow is excessive ( a surge) current flowing through the fuse as you may well know.
Usually a momentary short to ground in the circuit, or a dead short (continuous grounding usually caused by a bared wire touching a grounded object).
Dirty clogged filters do make the pump work hard and draw more current than usual, but my '99 Busa had this problem for years until I sorted it out, and it never blew a fuse so I doubt this is the cause as you were suggesting to the dealer.
If the battery terminal was loose, I think you would have noticed the bike switching off and on repeatedly giving a 'jerky' effect, or at least noticed something odd going on?
Is it running OK now?
Does it have full power?
Have you ever had the fuel system serviced?
How many miles on the clock?
If fuel system never serviced, would be a good idea to do it ASAP.


It’s still at the dealer. They say it runs fine now. I have 35,000 miles. Never serviced fuel system. What does a fuel service consist of?

Kiwi Rider

It’s still at the dealer. They say it runs fine now. I have 35,000 miles. Never serviced fuel system. What does a fuel service consist of?
1) Clean out the fuel tank and the gauze filter on the fuel tap.
2) Remove the external fuel pump, strip and replace fuel filter and clean out the pump housing sleeve and the small gauze filters in the housing.
3) If you wanna go the full hog, remove the injectors and have them tested/checked (spray pattern) and cleaned by a FI specialist.
4) Fuel pressure and delivery test/ check
5) Fuel pressure regulator tested.
That's fairly comprehensive but if you do it yourself, it's inexpensive.
If you give it to a shop to do, go see your bank manager first!


Run premium through it you'll be fine :thumbsup: Plenty of detergents to keep everything clean. Your filter will eventually clog and need replaced. I noticed a big loss of power wide open throttle when my filter was on the way out, but no electrical issues.
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