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This is a serious question, that you must have answered many times.
Are there any ex Blackbird owners out there, that now own the Busa?
I am considering swapping my Bird, but would like to know how they stack up against one another as a "rideable" bike.
I know all about the speed diff, etc, but as we all know, there is more to riding bikes than speed only!
Any build probs, breakdowns etc (other than recalls).
Finally, if you had the choice, would you return to a Bird, or buy another Busa?


I have Blackbird and Busa in my garage now. Selling Blackbird as just got Busa. Changed to say I had had a Busa.

My Blackbird is carb version (1997) and I notice a big difference with the injection on the Busa - Busa much quicker on the take up. Busa engine is smoother and ride over uneven surfaces is better. Busa turns in quicker and is better steering. However, Blackbird more stable in wind and has much better build quality - better fit of plastic, better finish etc.

Take pillion on both and they have no real preference although it has been said Busa slightly smoother over bumps.

Blackbird is easier to load up with soft luggage. Not much in brakes between them but magazines usually rate the Busa better.

When 1200 Blackbird (which is of course fuel injected) comes out next year suspect it will be a better bike than Busa, particularly with the build quality Honda achieve.
Crago is right. I just sold my bird to buy a busa. Had it had fewer miles I would have reconsidered. Exceptionally well built bike. But... The busa is another story. Seems to handle better, but Ive got no real experience to speak of and the new bike has only330 miles on it. I have kept it under 5000 rpm and still not disappointed.
I have kept it under 5000 rpm and still not disappointed.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Get it over 7K and you'll never look at another bird again.
Check out the video " Mach II Carnage " from Calais to Cannes... its a video shot in europe the guys are nuts, they are on a R1 - Zx1100 - a Bird - and the 1999 Copper Busa.
They do some amazing stuff on all of these bikes but it's nice to see and hear their observations. Crazy speeds... over all a good video.
I owned a 99 & an 01 'XX. I purchased the first before the abilities of the 'Busa were widely known, and put about 20K miles on it. I bought the 01 because:

1) I already had a number of accessories
2) I didn't think there was "that big" of a difference
3) I heard that the Busa was uncomfortable

Then came the fateful day that a member of the group of people (primarily BMW owners) that I ride with brought along a friend with a Busa. I was riding the 01 XX that day. Even without my Beatle Bags on the Busa blew by me at will.

Now, I was (smugly) thinking at that point something like "yeah, but I'm more comfortable and top speed is all he really has on me". When we stopped, I began talking to the owner of the Busa. He graciously offered to swap bike for a few minutes.

After ten minutes, all I could say was "Wow"! The Busa steered better,stopped better, was almost as comfortable, and was way faster. Everywhere.

Verdict: XX gone bye-bye, I just bought a '01 Busa that had 280 miles $8000.00 (honestly!). I couldn't be happier. The only thing I regret is not getting one sooner.

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I just saw at MCN site that Honda is increasing the Blackbird engine size to 1200cc starting with the 2004 model.  It will be electronically limited to 186 mph.  Significant improvements will be made to acceleration, comfort and handling.  In other words, they are going to make it more like a Hayabusa! The hyperbike wars continue.