Black Hayabusa's Unite!


I met up with Revlis today for some afternoon busa riding. It was pretty cool seeing people's reactions to 2 black hayabusas. Had a blast


Keith is on the left, Mike is on the right

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it's hard to tell which of you is which.....ok...nevermind , I see, Keith is the one with the hump .
HEY MIKE.....put that reflector back on your fork....I'm sure thats illegal . Well ok , maybe not . But put it back on anyway . The reflector safety police have been notified .
Hey Mike,
Had a damn good time, I actually got some positve comments out of a couple of Harley guys at a light on 60 on the way home. Was a nice change.
Next time you gotta make it over to my neck of the woods and I'll show you some of the better roads on this side of Tampa.

Oh can you e-mail me the pictures you took today?

Ruberside, It's all about the hump ya know?