bike won't start, need some help


been havin problems with my new 08 busa wanting to start lately. It normally only does it after i'm out ridin for an hour or so, shut it off to fill up or something, and it will barely turn over when i try to start it again. Turns over 2 or 3 times very slowly and then nothin, gauges go blank and no clicking from the starter. So tonight it happened again, normally the battery voltage is right at about 13v fully charged. When it wouldn't start tonight after i got home i checked the battery, it was at about 11.26v and wouldn't start. Does this sound like the battery is defective, had the dealer check it a few weeks ago and they said it was at full capacity. Just not sure what else to check


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if it is under warranty take it to a dealer you trust. Have them check it again tell them your problems. They should be able to swap batteries at least to see if it solves the issue.

Someone was selling a new 08 battery on here the other day. Did not even have the acid put in it yet.:thumbsup:

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at 11.26 certainly not good... needs more definitive checking before condemning the battery however.. you can put a bike battery charger on it (say 3 amps or so) and check the voltage while charging.. if it goes over 14.5 JUNK..

if the battery charges right back up and works fine, then more possible that there is a charging system issue..

With the bike "running" get a voltmeter across the batter and see what happens as the RPM's increase.. should see full charge by around 4,000 rpm? perhaps you are just running around with out enough RPMS..

anyway, some stuff to look at..


well i charged it last night, started with 11.26v. Let it charge all night and it still wasn't fully charged, so i checked the voltage and it was about exactly 14.5v. Sound like a bad battery?

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