Bike shut off while driving

So i was running down the highway and went to shift in to 6th and when I pulled the clutch in the bike shut off. Any clues? I slowed down on the shoulder put it in nuetral and it fired back up and i had no more problems. thanks for any help


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I had a friend who had the same thing happen on his FZ1. He just restarted and it never happened again. Our conclusion, although a simple and yet probably wrong guess, was that he'd bumped the kill switch on and off somehow and didn't know it. He could have been going to do something odd like flashing his brights and did it on the wrong handle bar end or whatever. I know, sounds lame, but we couldn't figure it out either and it never happened again.
The turn signal relay up by the fuse box also has the tip-over switch there or the side stand switch connection (can't remember). I had one that was bad and when I'd tap it the bike would turn off. I first found out about it after I installed a gear indicator and it kept restarting on acceleration from a stop. But it wouldn't break the connection long enough to kill the bike or even for me to notice any interruption in the engine. It was strange and took me a while to find out what the hell was going on.
I am im trading today i just want to make sure i dont screw the other guy over. Ive rode it the past 4 days with no probs i must have bumped something or it happend for a reason who knows

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