Bike Intercom


I would like to buy an intercom system. Have any of you guys used this kind of hardware? Are they any good? Please advice me...
I have autocom its expensive but the intercom is great at any speed.Thats pas to pas have yet to try bike to bike.I havve my mp3 player and radar hooked up. music mutes when you talk EZ installation

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When I went to Arkansas three of us had the newer style Chatterboxes and they worked perfect! Helped alot....... especially in blind corners! The first person in could tell everyone in the group what to expect when you couldn't see that far ahead. Really came in handy when you needed to pass a car or pull over for anything. Especially if your group was seperated like we were....... Range varies from 1-5 miles depending on the terrain.
I have been using Collette engineering for years. It hooks into my cell, passenger, stereo, and my radar. The VOX is good till 160mph or so. It was designed originally for snow mobiles. Been through a lot of tough weather with it too. I have done bike to bike at up to a 2 mile range in the mountains without a glitch.

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