Bike Has No Electrical Power, PLEASE HELP!

Check that you have voltage coming out of the starter switch.
I had trouble with my 06 Katana headlights about a month ago.
but bike would start, just didn't have headlights.
what it came down to was, there's 4 contacts in the starter switch.
#1 comes in, and supplies power to #2 when the switch is at rest.
#3 applies power to #4 when the button is depressed.
3-4 supplies power to the starting systems, this disconnect of 1-2 cuts out the need of a relay for the headlight circuit
When you let go, it turns off the starter motor and reapplies power to the systems that are always on when the key is in the ON position.

My #2 contact was dirty, so my dash worked just fine, since it was a lower current draw, but my headlights wouldn't work even though they were getting 12v.
They weren't getting enough wattage or whatever its called.

I don't know if the Busa is wired similarly or not, but its something else to check.

Good luck
I have gone over everything I touched to install it multiple times before I started looking into it further and I didn't find anything....I thought the same thing and expected it to be something simple.

By "Tried" I mean I plugged it in at the GPS plug, spliced it into the Green/Black ECU wire like the instructions. I connected the red XTRE power wire directly to the red positive battery terminal and that was it. It's a simple install so that's what is so puzzling.......I like to consider myself very mechanically inclined, but when it comes to electrical diagnosis I don't know much.

Did the XTRE work or not after you installed it?(wondered why you took it back off)
could it possibly be just a connection, maybe in your install/un-install a prong on a plug in got damaged...just a thought
bike will run whether or not the gauge cluster or lights work, so even if u have aproblem there it isnt keeping your bike from running
if your tre came with a new gear possition sensor and wire...change it back to the stock one it may be giving the ecu mixed signals
You mentoned about other fuses, yea there is, I lost my gauges one night (but the bike still ran). Look under the left black pannel up near the area of the gauges. I lost a ten amp up there. I would sure look at those....