BIG Thanx to Firedog! Got a place to put my grill now!


been strugglin to put in a patio next to the house, last project I needed to finish b4 I get back to work on my bike *FINALLY!:cheerleader:* weather here was not helpin any, but having to pour in enough sand to fill a 10'x20' dirt pit 4" deep by myself was aaahh...ruff:banghead:

thats when I put out tha call to my .org brutha, and Kev did not dissappoint:thumbsup: got almost half the pavers set in one day and by the end of it I knew how to do them myself thanks to Kev's tutoring:bowdown:
finished it up the next day, and just in time too-now we have rain coming the next 3 days....woulda been a nice mud-pit in the backyard if I hadnt gotten that all wrapped up.

thanks again for all the help bro-sorry we got raind outta Elkhart, but we'll do some ridn soon...mebbe after we can put tha patio n grill ta good use!
turned out great man-Amy loves it!

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Looks nice! I'm glad we have such good people around here so we can help each other out. :beerchug:

So when are you having us all over? :poke:
Looks good bro. Have to keep Amy happy.:laugh:
Really was nothing. It was fun. Getting to hang out and help my friends is always a blast
ahhh NOWWW i get what you wuz sayin on tha cell...niccce. add some curves on the grass to blend into the pavers bro. postin' up some pics of wifeys work to give you an idea my nikka. p.s. the misses just peeked ova my shoulda and said "that's beautiful what he did". word. curve out the grass, add some "evergreens", and some mulch to finish it off. maybe some slate under the fire pit...a nice stogie..ahhh... yeah i aint forget that stogie i promised ya. gotta send it out with that cd "panty droppa" i mentioned :whistle:
p.s.s. that fountain wuz a 100 bucks at home depot, has a recirculating pump inside the bottom, just fill it and plug it in..GHETTO FAB homie :laugh:

and BIG ups to Kev :beerchug:



Kevin is one of the most selfless givers I have ever met.

Congrats to you and cheers to Kevin. :beerchug:

Just like 'sconsin.
word up, Kevs in my lil black book now for helpin' fam'. now where dem burger pics homie?!:beerchug:
Looks great. May you enjoy many outtings with your family and friends in your little oasis....

very nice, it's amazing what the members on here can acomplish when we all help each other :beerchug: