Better Health from Ridin'a Busa


Just wondering if anyone thought about how riding a busa could be healthy for forcing more air down your nostrils like a super-charger and making your heartbeat raise I said.......just rambling...........
YEah it relieves stress and helps clear the head. And good mental health promotes good physical health...

As for forcing air down my nostrils?
LAst thime a bug got forced down my throat I started lowering the faceshield
Honestly, it is better for my health.
When I'm on the Busa all my stress just seems to completely subside.
When I'm not riding..... I'm thinking about riding.......just can't get enough, it's a bit of an addiction I think.
Mental and physical aging are only partially related. Its mostly true that you are only as old as you feel and staying mentally young is possible. Without a physical anchor, however, mental youthfulness is somewhat shallow feeling. I'm passionate about my busa and passion is youth trending. The ride is exhilerating as well as being physically stimulating. The net result is that my busa acts like a time machine shaving years off the clock and putting the snap back in my step. Living the good new days feels very healthy compared to just hanging out remembering the good old days.
Well, you have to use both hands and both feet at the same time, accelerate, slow down, physically turn the bike, hold on, and be extra alert when riding. Trying to finesse a 500+lb bike through canyons, or on a track day is physical and mental exercise.
I love it!
Well the wife and I agreed that when I was riding regularly that my stress levels were much lower and I wasn't as much of a Beeaaatch over all.  I have noticed that since buying the Busa I feel healthier and believe it or not I have lost 12 LBS since I bought the thing.  I was thinking about writing a book about the mental and physical health benefits of riding a fast bike. It really has worked alot of lifes kinks outta my system.
  Big 'O' is absolutely right, I have about a 25 mile circuit of country twisties mapped out here.  After a couple of laps I get home and I do feel like I have been working out.  The key is to be an active rider.  Get that butt out of the seat, transfer your weight around, keep your arms unloaded and your speed up.  Whew, starts feeling like work when your done.  Good Stuff...
Great stress relief, good anger management once you get out on your own on a good road, and works as an anti-depressant. Overall great machine, better than a "bowflex"