Best PC2 Map for 2000 Busa?



I know i should have bought a pc3 but was offered a PC2 for £50 ;-)
I have trawled the internet looking for a map to suit my bike but all too conflicting and don't want to mess it up!
i have stock exhaust with Scorpion short pipes, K and N filter and that's it, all the maps i have seen don't show the scorpions, i would be grateful if anyone could shed some light or point me in the right direction please.
my problem is the bike is running a bit rich and always smells strong when idling, so much so that i never have to use choke to start in any weather (if that has anything to do with it?) also pops like mad when decelerating, fun sometimes but annoying other times LOL!

Thank you in advance for any help,

Shoulda put that 50 towards a new or used PC3 or PC5.... there's a reason why the 2 was discontinued :whistle:
Trust me there is NO pc2 map that will interchange.the pc 2 fooled sensors( so you will either max out them) making them useless or hey wil not compensate fot changes..
Sorry for bad news
With the stock exhaust you really won't gain much with a PC and downloaded map in my opinion.
All i really want is to lean the fuel mixture out a little without messing with the carbs, not naive in thinking i will gain any HP, not after that at all.
Thanks for the replies ;-)