Does any have PC2 Maps for Micron

Let Me tell ya about the 003 map....
(make a long story short)

My friend has a Micron pipe, 43 rear sprocket, and a pw2. These are the only mods to his bike.

We race together at least once a week and we put the 003 map and ran the bike 6 times. After that we unhooked the pw2 and the bike ran 2 1/2 tenths quicker.

The 003 map is good for every day riding but at the strip it ain't worth sh!t.
....or maybe its the PC2 that aint worth a &hit...still yet to run better with one than without one. anyway, try the 007HARV map from motorhead. it takes away low rpm/part throttle bucking, and runs the same at the strip as having the pc2 unplugged. i will try the 007NICK next week to see if it picks the bike up any.