Battery Cable upgrade


Why do I read on other sites to go bigger battery cables. Should you really do this and what the pro and cons about doing this mod. And is their any one here that sells them on this site. And what is the gauge of wire should be used.
I believe it's meant to help those that have built / bored motors or even those that have swapped pistons and are running greater compression.

Someone can correct me, but If you're motor is stock you should be fine without making this modification.
If you read the thread that was posted some of the guys myself included did this mod when upgrading to a more powerful battery such as in my case a Ballistic lithium. It was said that the smaller gauge oem cables were restricting the CCA's (cold cranking amps) of the batteries. I can attest that my busa fires up a lot faster than she used to based off pre and post wire mod. I'm not an electrical guru and maybe there is other factors involved but for $20 worth of stuff needed to do the mod it was worth it to me :beerchug:
I'll be going with a lithium battery if my factory SLA ever gives it up, but my bike fires right up everytime for 45K miles now.
The easiest way to simply explain it is kinda like a water pipe. The pressure or voltage is looked at as a constant, the resistance in the circuit is found in the battery, battery cables, and starter motor. By increasing the size of the cables you make the water pipe larger and it flows more current / electrons / water because you have lowered the resistance. If I had ever had an issue I would think about it, but my bike fires super fast and easy everytime. 29 degrees the other day and had not been cranked for several days.

One of the characteristics of the lithium battery from memory is that the more load you put on it the better it works.