just wanted to know if anyone has had to buy a battery lately?  I just purchased a new one myself and at $90.00 I thought this to be slightly high priced.  wal-mart had a 9amp for 46.00 but I needed a 10amp so was just wondering if anyone else had this issue as well!!   Geneious
Buy the best that you can. I had the busa kick back and strip my starter teeth off !
New starter and gear----($500)!!!!!
When I bought my Busa the only thing wrong was the battery wouldnt have enought to start it I had to push start it for a week trying to find the correct battery when I did find it I got a fairly good deal would have paid alot not to have to push start my new bike about 65.00 they are weird looking thats for sure
Go with the stock battery. I had to replace mine and tried a couple different batteries. But the Busa is made in such a way that the stock battery is the only one that really fits it that has enough power to keep it rolling. The others were slightly too tall.