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I need a few things from all of ya, when you sign up please provide some basic information in your profile. The information is not going to be sold, or given to anyone. I can understand if I was asking for your drivers license or Social Security number or something like that.... I need your geographic location and the other generic information. For those that are trying to remain anynomous and think that your information cannot be easily found then please give me a break. I can tell by the IP where you are from, however that is very time intrusive and I don't have time to sit down and research each one. So please give me the information I'm not asking for much.


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Here we go again, I understand that there is information that you don't want released, but Geeesh can everyone PLEASE just put where you are from city and state. I am not looking for your apartment number or your home phone number. I think that you are still anonymous if you just give the basics.

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Aight then
You already know all about me, but for the benifit of the rest of you I complied with the administrator. I hate to hear anyone beg.