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Comin' back stronger than ever!
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You'll hear more about this in the near future, but I started making plans to mod Baby J a little over a year ago. As I decided what I wanted most things were easy to find, except for the exhaust. I love the 2 can look and didn't want to go away from it, but didn't know what color can to get. Polished was okay, but not quite what I was looking for. Carbon Fiber was interesting, but still not the one. Then I happened on Thinker62's blue to silver fade Micron system and went to the Micron site to see what other colors they had. To my surprise they had a black to silver thread and I was hooked. Looked high and low to find them and just couldn't believe the prices. $900 with shipping for a set of bolt-ons? No way, I thought. Then everyone I called said they didn't have any in stock and didn't know when they would get any. I called Micron and asked for options and they gave a couple, but still very expensive. They gave me some names of distributors and then asked if I found some would I send them pics. Well, I sent them some and now they are on their site in the Photo Gallery under Hayabusa. Don't know if the link will take you too them, but you can select the make and model and scroll to the bottom and find them. Here it is: <a href="">Baby J<a>
looks good!

the blue is too much tho.
I like them, but the Blue is a bit much...
Sweeet ... Baby J is looking good ... and now getting some press ... congrats Bro'!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, BT! Good to hear from you. Guess life has been keeping you busy.
Sorry to hear it, Chris. I won't give you the pick me up speech cause I know you know how to do that yourself, but it is good to hear from you.