ATTENTION: everyone


Lily's Daddy
as some of you have seen the other thread that Andy started

I'm about half way caught up on 1 of the 3 months I'm behind on my house...the bank is going to try and work with us for guys have saved my house from for another month or so...this cartoon is only a small token of my gratitude for each and everyone on here
so as I pray:please:
and the wife does back flips:cheerleader:

I will always remember where my friends are:poke:

and raise a glass to you guys:beerchug:

I have a half hour phone interview Friday morning with wrbr the bear one of our local radio stations here that broadcasts the Bob and Tom show...anyway its a sales job not a dee jay one...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed
in the meantime everyone can write them an email and tell them to hire me...:lol: I'm kiddign about the emails ofcourse, that is unless they dont offer me a job,:banghead: then we can get the family together for an email ambush..:whistle:

for those of you that like sexy ladies they have bear they arent nude

today, after looking for work, I will work on another cartoon thread for you guys stay tuned

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