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What possible speed mods can I do to my 99 so that I can hit 220 even quicker? I'm also aware that the faster I go, the faster I'll need to stop; so how can I get a bigger rotor in the back? And one more question: is there ANY way that I can put more than one brake assembly in the rear? Any thoughts?
Gosh there PacificB, you have larger nads than I. 220 quicker?? I have the 220 speedo also, but all I've seen is 150, and that was due to my own limitation. I haven't heard of a busa anywhere near stock breaking an actual 200. The 200 you see on my speedo on the left there was electronically faked, not real. Do your trials somewhere safe.
your would need a massive turbo plus other MAJOR motor upgrades to even come within 10mph of 220
Yup lots and lots of turbo boost. I think you would need around 250 hp to hit an actual 220 mph.

As for braking quicker what the hell would you need a bigger rear rotor for? You can already lock the rear tire up regardless of how fast you are going. So a bigger rotor would just make it that much easier to lock the rear. Your rear brake is almost useless to help you slowdown. USE YOUR FRONT BRAKE!!! Maybe you should be more concerned with learning some basics rather than trying to go 220 mph and then slamming on your rear brake. Don't want to be mean, just trying to keep you from being a statistic. I may be wrong but it sounds like you are new to riding, learn about the bike and about being a better rider first.

If you want more stopping power swap out the front brakelines for steel braided ones and put in some hi performance pads. Then practice your stops.
Hell... hope you were not asking for a rear brake mod to help you stop at high speeds! Nahhhh... you weren't... we understood wrong...
Thanks for the chastisement, fellas. But were you aware that 75% of your stopping power comes from your front brakes while the last 25 comes from the rear? Wouldn't it be nice to have an equal amount of stopping power for both systems? As for locking up the rear tire, Good Gracious! Maybe one day when I have as much hand and forearm strength as you seasoned riders, I'll consider it. I have very sensitive hands, not to mention a VERY sensitive rear (no fair touching, guys). Added to that, I'm flirting with the idea of an ABS system on my bike. I'm also thinking about stretching it and adding some weight in the back to be sure that I reduce the number of inadverdent "stoppies" I might do. All in all, I thank all the vets and those on their way there for all the advice and the tips. I'm taking it all into consideration, believe me, fellas. Thunderpants, I will look to as being my "big Busa brother". As for the rest, at least I know you guys will keep me in check and from becoming a STAT. Trust me, I know. Just last week, one of the owners of a bike shop here died on the road in front of my house. Kinda eerie, actually, because every time I leave for work, I can still see the outlines of his bike that the cops put on the road. Something to think about, for sure. As for becoming a better rider, hey: you guys are all helping me get there, so I appreciate it. Oh, and OnAHiABusa: I think I lose my nads everytime I ride. They seem to shrivel up and stay safely tucked in my cheeks. Maybe that's why I I'm putting about $1K worth of gear on me. Cheers to all and keep up the chastisement! You won't be hurting my feelings, you'll be keeping another rider safe! Agreed? ;)
inadverdent stoppies??? on a busa??? good luck....they don't come really gotta be hard on the brakes and trying to get the rear to come up to do one.
Hey Pac,

Sounds like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders. Most of us want to find ways to go faster, you are looking for ways to stop better/safer. Kudos to you.

Ride safe,
382 ;)
I just got finished building me a steel trunk cavity for the busa. I'm going to melt down old wheel weights and fill the trunk with lead to keep the rear end on the ground. Also, sice my busa now wheelies easier I think I'll add some tractor ballast weights or a piece of railroad iron to the front to keep it down. ;)

Just kidding... just kidding... Don't get too upset.

Anybody know of a parachute mount for the busa? :super: ;)

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Well, what you called "chastisement" isn't really chastisement... It's something more like a warning. You shouldn't appy 50-50 on front/rear brakes on normal conditions. On normal road conditions you always should apply 60-40 at minimum but you're always safer when applying more power to the front brakes than to the rear one. It's a physics explanation, based on mass movement: when you want to stop your motorcycle, most of the weight "moves" to the front wheel, so if you brake hard on the back what weight do you think you'll have on the rear wheel? Almost none! so that's why rear wheel braking most of the times leads to a rear wheel skid / lock (all the weigth is moved to the front wheel). So, when braking you should consider the fact that above certain speeds rear brake is used only to assist your stop and not for add real power to it.

Of course in certain conditions you can apply 50-50: when it's raining for example. In those conditions you can break 50-50, but mainly it's because you are driving at low speeds. If it's raining and you're driving at high speeds well... either you should pray for your life or you should trully believe in the "ABS miracle" (if you install one on your bike)...

Mainly i'd suggest you to add power to the front brakes and to be more careful with the rear one to avoid locking the rear wheel. Of course if you make too many stoppies that can mean that you are not balancing the brakes correctly... i don't see racers on motoGP or Superbikes making stoppies on track, and as you can imagine, they DO brake hard :)

Hope you understood my post, since i am not a native-english speaker and sometimes i can make mistakes on technical terms.

ride safe
Sounds great fellas. Thanks for the positive reinforcement, 382. Speaking of positive reinforcement, BT, ya gotta hook me wid some of that "rail road iron" Honestly!  As for the ABS "miracle", well, just thinking of it gives me the runs. I'm sure I can do it, but probably not until I give myself an ulcer from all the dang thinking. BTW, did I mention that I was a noob and not a moto engineer? L4G, I appreciate your input; I'll definitely take it into consideration when I ride. Going back to BT: I was thinking of putting on a 5 foot swingarm to decrease those "inadverdant" wheelies.  Any ideas where I can get one? Or do I need to fabricate one with the leftover "railroad iron". Thanks again, everyone! Ride safe, ride hard, or RIDE HOME!!!