Attempted theft


Hi Guys ,
Some S O B attempted to steal my bike they completely damaged the ignition key trying to release the steering lock and ofcourse they dropped the bike so there are other damages too.
It is a long way to the nearest dealer and I have to transport the bike their , as I am unable to insert the key I was wondering if it easy to replace the ignition myself . Please provide me with the steps moreover, which alarm system you recommend to use .

Sorry to hear about your bike. I'm really feeleing you... I came from a 300+ mile ride last week about 3 minutes in front of a thunder storm. Pulled up under the hotel canopy i was staying at. Took my helmet off and walked over to my car turned around and my helmet was gone. POOF VANISH no one saw JACK. and i was the only motorcyclist with a bike at the hotel for those two days..

Feeling VIOLATED!!!!

I feel your pain. I personally have two friends who have had their busa stolen. One in a supermarket parking lot, and the other in the parking lot of a mall. I have a friend (non-busa rider) who have a gorrilla alarm system on his bike. I'll be getting one for myself soon. It comes with motion and tilt sensors. Made specifically for bikes. Sorry, I can't help with the ignition switch.
Sucks big time. I've never had my bike touched... YET (knock on imitation carbon fiber

The ignition is fairly easy to change, although you'll probably want to change the tail lock and fuel lock if you don't want to be carrying two keys and having to decide which key is which. Try eBay and the board 'sale' sections (also try ). I occasionally see full sets for sale.

The locks are available separately or as a set from Suzuki:

LOCK ASSY,STEER - 37100-24F00 LIST $114.23
LOCK SET - 37000-24810 LIST $196.81

Try Sunrise (800.992.0127). 20% over cost, cost usually being half retail. So about $120 for the set or about $68 for just the steering lock.

On alarms, the only problem I see is the drain on the battery. Our batteries are pretty small to start and normally don't have a load with the ignition off. I would suggest getting a Yuasa YTZ-14S to replace the stock YT12A-BS. It's normally goes on the Honda Shadow 750 and ST1300, is a bit hard to find and costs about $40 more at $105 (cheapest I've found). It'll add 2.3 lbs but fits perfectly (of course, if you're getting an alarm, you probably don't care about racing and weight savings.

These are factory activated, meaning they come charged and have no acid packs you seal. This is one reason they are so hard to find, no one wants to stock pre-charged batteries.

Thank you guys for your consideration and support I really appreciate your comments and feedback.

Wish you guy’s safe riding and do protect your busa’s


I have used my local locksmith several times for other bike keys, ign. ... likely they can key it to match your rear lock and most of them can get parts to repair lock sets. Oh and this lady locksmith here did in 10 minutes what took me all day!
" ...its easy when you know how. "
Sorry about your misfortune, it sucks, but we have to share the world with a-- holes. I'm very leary of leaving Suzy-Q all alone (my BUSA) but sometimes I have to .Better luck in the know sometimes S**T happens keep the shinny side up
Thank you guys I am really overwhelmed by your sympathy this happened in the underground parking area of my residential complex . The owner is so stingy that he is not willing to fix the lectrical gates to the basement.

Once I have seen on TV a bike steel cage that you can slide your bike in and lock it to secure it. I searched the net but could not locate anything. If any of you guy's knows where they sell these cage's do let me know.

Thanks again for all your support.
Dude that sucks!!

I had a similar experience the day I brought the Busa home. I parked it in the garage and later that night it was taken.

Shocked the hell out of me when I woke up the next morning!!

The worst part is I did not even ride the bike. I picked it up in the truck and parked it.

The cops found it 2 days later wrecked over a cliff. They found the thief dead. I guess he could not handle the power.

The cops found it 2 days later wrecked over a cliff.  They found the thief dead.  I guess he could not handle the power.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Man, that's freaky. Talk about self-served justice. Hope you had it insured.
I also had a bike stolen in 99, one thing i've learned and thats never take for granted that there's always gonna be people who like YOUR stuff as much as you do... I let my gausrd done a couple of weeks ago when my helmet got stolen because i was thinking after two years i was just paranoid...Sadly i realized nope i wasn't paronoid for always locking my stuff up.... now after another $200+ helmet loss i realize if you love it lock it
Guys my bike is gone!!!! after eleven days of the first attempt the bike got stolen . I am so sad and angry at the same time . It took the ploice almost 12 hours to issue an ABB about my bike and that sucks . The insurance does not cover theft and that because they do not offer theft insurance on those bikes in Kuwait. So i will not even get a penny back from the $12000 that I paid for my bike. The ironiy is only today I get the alarm system which i was suppose to fit the bike with what a good time up . I only had the bike for 8 months and I only colcked 2000 KM only on it ! . I do not think they will ever get the bike back Kuwait police are not really interested in doing that . I am now trying to see if I can sue the owner of the residential complex as he left the electrical shutters to the underground parking open . I hope I will successed .

Guys I do not think I will wait for long as I am already thinking of buying another one but before I do that I really would like to use all possible means to secure the new bike could you please help me out and provide me with your ideas/suggestions . I was thinking can I install a device on the bike and by using GPS I can trace my bike if the same think happen again ? I beleive in the US this is possible by G star correct me if i am wrong !
Please help me out.