Are there any security video experts in the house?


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I’d like to build/install a video security system at my house and near the gate leading into our neighborhood. Having a good foundation for the system to allow growth and future options is very high on my list of requirements. Here are a few more:

I would like to record time lapse video

Being able to record based on motion would be a plus. Lower resolution and less frames recorded and then when motion is detected increase the resolution and or frame rate.

Being able to access remotely by iphone or computer would be a plus

I would like the option to be able to view it on my tv (HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs are available)

Various camera support. Conventional/IR. Various connections, possibly WIFI, Ethernet (Power over Ethernet a plus) , RG59 etc. I don’t really have a need for directional control (pan, tilt, zoom) , but you never know later.

The gate is 100 yards or so away. The HOA has shown an interest in recording vehicles coming in and out. (delivery trucks have damaged our gate a couple of times in the last 2 years). I think I might be able to hard wire a couple of locations back to an area and then WiFi Bridge to connect to my house. A camera looking at the driver as they come by the keypad area, another shot entering and leaving hopefully grabbing a vehicle description and tag.

We have some wildlife in the area and I would like to capture some of it around my house. Also the security aspects of some views would be a benefit.

Future support of up to 16 cameras.

Record to PC maybe, NAS hard drive.

Configurable on motion per camera to send me a text alert. Maybe even interface with the alarm so some of the alerts bypass.

I would like to be able to support different resolutions for different locations.

I’m considering a 2nd wireless bridge to a neighbor’s house. If he had like equipment, the recording/control for mine would be in his house and vice/versa. That way if a break-in occurred, the loss of evidence would be less likely.

Any thoughts? I installed/maintained high end security, access control, and some video at my job, but that was in 1988-95 and things have progressed quite a bit!


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I feel you on tech marching on. Local merchants watch their video on smart phone and remotely control it through their phones, playback, etc. Not an expert but everything you want is available and more. If no one responds get up with some local merchants. The mini RF cams are very cheap and are easily concealable. You really don't want these units easy to get to.
Ive been doing cctv security for over 10 yrs. There are always guys in the field selling commercial brand equipment search ebay keywords. Ultrak, Pelco, Honeywell to name a few. These are brands that Banks use so you know they have to be reliable.


CCTV system are best because with that system you can get video as well as record that video.And you can also get online video and alerts on your mobile by using the security apps when you are out of home.

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