Anyone notice website performance improvements.


Dis in my way!
Staff member
Just wanting to see if any of you are seeing any performance improvements on the site since we made changes last night.

If you haven't thought about it just take a few seconds and click around and see if you can see if things are better...

I didn't get much sleep last night.
I had the worst nightmare that my favorite place was down.
Too tired to look :)

Can I get a hint?
Seems a tad bit faster? One tech problem I thought was annoying was if I had multiple forum windows open for long periods of time, I would go to click my new notifications and the drop down would either not open, or it would open behind the ad directly below it (i do not use ad blockers on this site due to it brings in money for the site). I will wait to see if that was fixed.
Seems faster to me as well. Must be that new alien technology.. :whistle:
Seems a bit faster before it took time loading a bunch of different ad pages now it seems to just load googleadsyndication and no one else. Seems quicker. anyway