Any Pointers for when I go to a dealership to buy a Busa?


I'm about to go get one...and I think I've found the dealership I want to get it through...but I'm not the most mechanically I see a LOT of useful info on this site, which is awesome...I'm just wondering if there are any pitfalls I should look out for...and how far back (age of the bike) I should go, or allow myself to go...Thanks in advance for the input...


if you want a gen 1 i would get the newest year model you can get. Dont know anything bout the gen 2 so cant comment IF i were you i would try and buy directly from seller and skip the dealer. Im sure if someone is local to you they can go with you to check it out.


Well this is my personal opinion but I wouldn't get one any older than 2003 or 04 I believe you can flash the ecu instead of getting pc3 pc4 ect. other than that 99 to 07 are going to be the same .... also what I look for is ...any oil on belly pan around the engine is it stretched ..lowered whats been done to it ...usually you can tell who owned it previously good or bad ...and I say usually because there are people that know how to hide stuff lol

if you can get them to tear the plastics off that would be best then you will know what kind of condition its in ...

look at any wires ...cut crimped spliced it from factory

tires ...just because the plastics look good doesn't mean it will go fast or at all

so +100 on finding a busa by owner you have a better chance of getting to know the bike before you buy ...
stealerships are thinking of one thing and one thing only much money they get ....personal experience ...

anyway good luck in your venture and where are you located?


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Go with the 2013 with zero miles. Guaranteed to give you years and years of perma smile :poke:


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Welcome to the oRg. Good advice so far. Also, check to make sure all the regular maintenance has been done. Oil condition, chain condition, brake pads and rotors, oil leaks, fork seal leaks, etc. Check the bar ends, mirrors, pegs, plastics, etc for scratches or anything that would indicate a drop on either side. Look inside the tank and make sure you dont see any rust, smoke from the exhaust etc.


There are many good deals to be had but Buyer Beware is the motto when purchasing used. I just purchased a new 2012 for 13K OTD (which included $750 incentive cash and $50 dealer incentive) all with zero percent financing. Compared to my Gixxer 1k, the Busa is so much better suited for everyday life. Torque and comfort being the main benefit.


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No matter what don't buy full price ! try to get gear thrown in or something extra if you buy new


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If buying new, you should be able to get a 5-10% discount without much of a problem.
Buying used is always a gamble, just do your homework.


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Buy a clean 08-09'. SAME bike except no ABS. Unless you have to have new.

It comes down to what you want. I'd rather find a clean, hardly ridden example that someone bought and lost interest.


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Search cycletrader and find the lowest priced 13. Probably will be Honda East in Toledo. If you can't get anyone local to match it, buy from them and have it shipped to you. Remember, 0% financing is basically money in your pocket.


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Not only do you get 0% for 60 months on the 2013, you also get a free Yoshimura exhaust now too! Hit up Honda East Toledo. DO IT!

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