And you thought your garage was awesome? Check these out

that's garage can house 8 HMMWVs, 4 LMTV's, all the tools you'll ever need an oil dispensing station, a 10tom over head crane ETC. ETC.......and it's always dirty....
guess what i do?

Still working on mine... I try.


I sat down with my wife last night and she had no idea what I was going to show her.. We have been planning on a new 40 x 80 shop for some time so I told her you guys had some ideas... I clicked on the link and said how bout this. NO, this one NO, this one then that was too much so she started saying no before I went to the next picture.. I think she was humoring me by just watching as I clicked away.....

Im not getting anything like what they have in the pics..
seems like a good plan there Capt. Show her the crazy high dollar ones and then when you want to do something more realistic then its an easier sell :thumbsup: