AMA Formula Extreme Busa


I wish I had this thing........Look at the specs. The nose cone and the front fender are bad too!

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See if I can get a bit better pic. Nope..........same size, anyways, if you can't read it..........1661 cc's, 250+ RWHP, 375 lbs and top speed is classified..........that is my new FAVORITE bike in the world.............I would love to hit the track with that thing!!!!!!

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1661cc - 250HP = Wicked Fast...

You see how the front end has been lowered and the rear end has been raised. This is the best setup for high speed cornering.

You gotta get the machined dogbones.........there is someone on this site that sells em. I want some too.
Where do the dogbones go?

Is it a totally new shock system also or just some sort of spacer between the shock and the seat area?
real track racers get the rear suspension completely customized. no dogbones. the front is custom too.

look at the weight....
Yeah, but real road racers that don't have real track racer money or a sponsor get the machined dogbones. That would be me. 

I have searched everywhere and can't find a picture of a dogbone... how to install them... or where they go.

Anyone want to enlighten me? images missing

If you look under the rear middle of the bike at the fold under the suspension area you will see one. Its causing the suspension to compress more or less depending.

Or raising the rear end.........either way.......depends on whether they are longer or shorter than stock. I believe the shorter raises it and the longer drops it.
All Right!!

I get to use all my motocross experience to explain something on a 'Busa Board!! Whoo Hoo!!

Ok, at the bottom of your shock mount is a set of "dogbones"

It's a rising rate leverage system. The rate of "spring" changes as the shock compresses and the rear swingarm travels upward. This is how the same spring can feel soft and cushy on small stuff, but firm on big holes and bumps at speed.

It (dogbones) doesn't only change the ride height, it changes the progressiveness in the spring action...changing how and the feel of the shock itself.

Something you can try, with a lesser degree of effect, is to wotrk on what is referred to as "race sag" That is by tightening or loosening the shock collar.

Get a buddy (or two) and a tape measure to do this...Have your buddy lift up on the rear tail of the bike and take a measurement from the rear axle to a stationary point, say a seat bolt. write that measurement down.

Then, with the bike on the ground, have someone hold the bike up and have you standing on the pegs (not sitting) do the same measurement (Don't lift rear tail).

Write that down and calculate the difference.

By turning that shock collar, you can adjust the ride height, but keep in mind, it also alters the handling somewhat.

Keep track of the different measurements until you find a spot (number) you like...then you can always go back to that number...once you get really good at it, you can learn to change the measurement (number) for different tracks and twisties for better handling
I bought the three hole dog bones for my busa lower it great.

Here is the part that will interest thoe of you looking to raise your rear. I put my stock dogbones on a girlfriends sv650. This loweres it about 2 inches. This means if you put stock sv650 dogbones on a busa it will raise it abour 2"
Don't worry about strength. The SV uses steel. Go to any used bike scrap yard. They shouldn't cost more than $5 for a used set.
If you look under the rear middle of the bike at the fold under the suspension area you will see one.  Its causing the suspension to compress more or less depending.

It does not effect the compression of the suspension. It just changes the geometry to lower the bike. It will not change spring rate, dampning or travel.
Hey 200 what did you do with the stock ones from the SV650? I would be interested in puchasing them if you still got them.

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