alright everybody last time "help a soldier out"


I just bought some all white track star rims for my 05 busa. The only thing i can think is to go all white. Ok to the point; i would really like to see some pics so i can get some ideas. By the way it is gonna be a 240 kit with an 8-10 inch stretch..........and yes I know that some people dont like the big tire and stretch deal, but its mine and this is what i wanted for my bike. i am just getting ideas before i get home and start the work.
pics or it didnt seriously i am curious what the rims look like
Sorry every one but i tried to put the url and thats what came. I forgot how to post picsImageShack Links Do Not Work
I have a bit of white on mine.




If you want a pic from the side I can do that later. Pretty much have a blank slate here. You can print it out and add color by hand. Or in photo shop. Best idea I can give ya.
I think I bout made my mind up......As of right now it's gonna be all white......swingarm white, wheels white, frame white, with a pinch of chrome. By the way I paid 1800 for the wheels, it came with 43 tooth sprocket, and hubs. Kind of wish I would have gotten the 300 kit, but o we'll.