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BigRod, it's too slow...! I also don't think it comes up high enough...Pause!



Ok...OK....I got it for you. YOu have the Dapincci right! WHen you air down....air down/out both sides of the cylinder. Each side works against the other. SO if air is in the rebound side....that will push against the raise side and slow it down. Hence....why it not going up very high either. WIth air previously in the rebound side (witch pulls the bike down). THe cylinder already has air in it but on the other side NOT allowing the raise to fully raise up.

PLus like I mentioned before...the quick pop instant up is oviously not working. I can hear the compressor running in the vid your your boys uses the remote to raise. Instant up will not run the compressor when toggled to raise....( air comes from the stored air in the tank )...then when tank is bellow 1120psi, you will hear the compressor kick on to refill the tank back to 150psi.
We will fix all that Friday:beerchug:

Keep an eye out for me at MIR tomorrow. I actually may ride the MULLET all the way there vs. taking the my truck. ( 2.5 hours each way ).

Cant tell with the extended tail....but when air 100% OUT, how much room is between the fatty and the tail. Adjust the allthread links so that atleast 1/4 - 1/2 inch is there for space. JUST incase some thing blows with the air do NOT bust thing up and can limp home with it.:beerchug:
Cool guages too....could not tell...are they for monitoring the air?


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Kool...! it's a dapincci... I think I have about 1/2 of space when air is out. Yeah, the gauges are for air. If you're going to ride let me know, I'm on your way... I'm right after tysons, exit 54 west braddock rd. There's a gas station on the left as soon as you come off the exit if you wanna meet there and ride in...! lmk...:beerchug:

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