air filter and plugs


So how many of you check for the air filter before you buy the bike?

I just got down putting in the K&N air filter along with the NGK iridium plugs. I waited for today to do it so both of them would be done at once. Its a good thing the filter came in today because for someone reason my bike didn't have one...I talked to a few buddies and they said the engine would probably be fine because the air box had little no dust in there. Which I was happy about. Why on earth would you not have an air filter in your bike? On top of that. If you sell your bike, don't you think you might want to mention this??? Could just be me, I don't know. Anyway, thats it for my little rant....sorry

On the upside, the engine sounds better with the new plugs in there!!!:thumbsup:

Just wanna make sure I did this right. I don't have a torque wrench or anything, so when it came to tightening the plugs. I finger tightened them untill they were snug. Then I just put my forearm into it a little. This is all I did when I did the plugs on my buell, so I was guessing thats all I should have to do for this bike. Was I wrong with this? I don't have it all put back together yet so I can easily check them. Thanks for the help!

last guy who use a torque wrench on plugs broke one off...finger tight then half turn is ok
Sweet! Thanks guys!

About the air filters though. Is that a common thing with busa/jap bikes? I don' know much about them, but running without a filter just seems kind of silly to me.
thats scary with the stuff I have pulled outta my air box, from large dragon flies and moths to small pebbles, the biggest being about pea size. I dont think my motor would have appreciated those goin through the throttle bodies...
If you have the use of an air compressor blow out the area around the plugs before pulling them. A light (light) amount of never seize on the threads will help when removing it in the future. Wardie
Blowing out the area around the plugs is a good idea! Why didnt i think of that :(~ I just changed mine and did not do that...
last guy who use a torque wrench on plugs broke one off...finger tight then half turn is ok

and if you break one off, I have the method for removing the threaded section......last time I'll ever use a torque wrench for spark plugs :oldcool:. Seat by hand, then 1/2 turn.