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I need info on modifing the air box on my new 03 Busa . Can someone help a brother out ?

Do a search for information on the site. i remember seeing some info. What do you want to modify the box for??

High speed running DO NOT CHANGE or Modify the BOX.

Of line you may want to just change the stacks.

Big question is what do you wnat to accomplish and what? have you done to the bike so fare?
You wouldnt modify the box at all NE? I was thinking of ram air seals and the small air box mod BMC race filter. Am I going the wrong way for streetablilty and I would like to run a real 190 MPH. I am a fat ass (260LBS) my G/F would probably hit 194 the way it is. She ran 4 MPH faster on my own sled than me LOL
You wouldnt modify the box at all NE? I was thinking of ram air seals and the small air box mod BMC race filter. Am I going the wrong way for streetablilty and I would like to run a real 190 MPH. I am a fat ass (260LBS) my G/F would probably hit 194 the way it is. She ran 4 MPH faster on my own sled than me LOL
Seal it up yes. However you can do that with Mr. Clean 16oz bottles and duck tape. From what I have seen on the top end for modifying the box in actual riding I don't think it is worth it. I like the BMC air filter also it does let more air in.
Leave it alone. Get the better filter.

Did you want to run the "real 190" for the trip to the grocery store?

Come on guys, lets get real with this high speed crap. I know there's a few of you that do this safely at the track and that's way cool, but for most of us it's just a good way to get killed or kill someone else. Besides, most of us start getting real nervous above 120. I've gone faster but let's think about what happens when something goes wrong. You could kill someone else, destroy your family by your death, or be a veggy for life.

Our sport is PLENTY dangerous enough without having to worry about doing dumb things. Yeah, I've de-restricted mine, but i'm happy enough knowing how fast it CAN go. When I get to the track and whip out the big balls, then I'll do it. At least that way, I stand a good chance.

Seriously, I would like to know where you guys do all these "safe" high speed runs. Besides, I'd rather piss some of you guys off if it makes you think about it.

If I hosed on anyone's cornflakes, my apologies.

No hosing here John everyone is entitled to there opinion if you lived up here in Maine and road on some of the roads I do you would understand how I can try it on a road and not on a track. Other than a safety team to pick up the scraps its about the same. There are no houses nothing around a possible animal. I think there is a risk but to be honest more people get killed in Cali on bikes in a month than get killed in Maine from speeding al year. Riding with all of those cages and old people around scares me more than going 300 MPH up here. I have driven in NY NJ FL CT Montreal Quebec and those big cities I camre closer to getting hurt visiting than I have ever come.
That's right. Everyone IS entitled to an opinion and unfortunately that includes mine as well. Sorry if you don't agree with MY opinion.

Personally, I don't think it's wise to take a light attitude about those kinds of speeds. As far as the roads you're on, I'm glad that YOU think they're safe. I know that at least if I'm at the track and the unthinkable happens, there are EMT's and an ambulance right there. What's your emergency plan on those safe back roads?

Do you at least have life insurance, and will the insurance company pay it when it's determined you crashed at 190 MPH? it's a free country. Feel free to do whatever. Just voicing my opinion.

Food for thought...
Guys please settle down , I didnt post this topic to debate the safety of street racing . All I needed is a little help with and AIR BOX MOD .
Take the following for what its worth, but this is from my personal experience.

My first trip to the salt flats I ran a completely untouched stock air box with the flapper still in and the stock air filter and ran 192 MPH. I didn't even seal up the ram air tubes

I am now running a completely gutted airbox without a filter for Land Speed racing. The difference on the street is noticable and not favorably. The bike feels a little weak at lower rpms.

The guys that are telling you to leave it alone are correct. If you are looking for low and mid range power just change the air filter. I would even leave in the flapper. If you decide to go racing, you can change things around then.

Just my $.02
I had the box gutted in conjunction with cams, compression bump (thinner gaskets), pair valve mod, Hindle BDE, head port and polish, valve grind, Power Commander, etc. Sorry, I can't tell you what the box alone would get you. I thought about getting a stock box to run on the street between races just to give me better low end.

Before I couldn't hit the rev limiter in 6th gear, now it hits it at about 3/4 mile. I went two teeth down to a 38 rear sprocket and it was still pulling hard through the timing traps at Maxton. The bike should pull in the low 200s and it is still has the stock pistons. But this isn't really due to the box, it's really thanks to Carpenter Race Engines.

Busas are mean from birth, but Carpenter knows how to make them violent and that is a good thing. I think JohnnyCheese knows how to make fast bikes too, it may be worth asking him about the box.
I would like to break 200 but I wold like to keep it mild for the street. I think the biggest thing against me is the fact that I am 6'4 and weigh 260 pounds. Its hard to fit me behind the windshield being so tall and I am almost like riding 2 people on th damn thing (I may try a no carb diet before I go to lose 30 Lbs or so) I have a Two Brothers 4-2-1 and a power commander I want to add ram air seals,ATRE, small air box mod, pair valve mod and cams. Before I do the cams what did you notice with yours I realize you are going to lose some low end and mid if you want alot of HP at the top but how bad is it. I would like to try the salt flats once or twice I ride it on the street every day. Also what cams did you use? I have been doing some reading on using a Busa intake cam to replace the exhaust cam or would you use Web, Yoshi etc?

I don't think the weight will get you as much as your height. The guy with the fastest bike at Maxton is about your height and was about 10MPH slower than a guy my size (5' 8")riding his bike. Once you near 200MPH staying out of the airstream is important. Your weight may be an advantage in keeping the front end down.

There is a small loss on the bottom end, but nothing that a stock air box wound't fix, or just the taller velocity stacks. I had Carpenter Race Engines do my mods, and I am pretty sure they put in about the most radical cams you can run on the street. I think they are .385 s. Still very streetable.

Everyone should make a trip to the salt once in their life if they can afford it. A membership is about $150 and about $400 in track fees. The trip took me about 30 hours of straight through driving from the middle of Ohio. Total cost for the weekend was about $2000 (food and hotels inc.)

I can only say this about the salt is if you love your bike and can stand rust or imperfections, don't go. The salt will get into everything and start rusting it away. No matter how much you lube, clean or power wash, it will eat it up. I will post pics of what it did to my bike for reference. I'm not a neat freak when it comes to my bike, but I don't know if I will go again.

I will however recommend Maxton, NC. The trip takes me about 10 hours and is relatively cheap. $50 for a membership and $125 track fees for the weekend. On the salt flats, I made 6 runs in 5 days. At Maxton, you can get in 10-20 runs in 2 days. Maxton is also more challenging.

You can check out their site here. ECTA

I hope this helps,
Ride safe 382
I am glad you mentioned that. There is no way I am going then. Chrome wheels and all rusting and getting pitted I guess I will have to look for some of those airport runway runs to go on.