Air Box Conern


Hey guys ive always wondered something. Is something supposed to be connected here? If so what is it cause i could never figure it out. In the pic its right above the flapper sensor thing (cant find the file i saved with it circled for the life of me) found this pic off the internet

I had a feeling cause my bike ran just fine but its just so deceiving cause it looks like a hose connects to it! Lol maybe for an add-on? I dunno
my '07 doesn't have that nipple on the airbox, but I would think that if *nothing* goes there, it should at least be capped off? Won't that create an air leak?

In any case if your bike is running fine I'd just leave it be.
I completely agree with u actually and to be quite frank ive never thought of that but ima do a quick test. My idle fluctuates just a tad so maybe that might be why. Ima give it a shot and post my results. Who knows someone else might be wondering the same thing
Lmfao probably wouldnt be a good idea now. I dunno though shaun u said you didnt have one and our bikes are the same year though so thats weird why i got one and you dont.
And when i think about it the nipples pointed right over the heat shield that covers my spark plugs. I wonder if the reason why u might not have one cause it might be unsafe and they stopped it. Hmm
Where did you read/hear that it is for water?

If it's for *moisture* to escape I could see that, as it's not like you are going to have a stream of water running through your airbox
Lol a waterfall. Nah it was actually on this site under busa problems with the title 'airbox hose' someone said 'its for water to escape so dont plug it. Theres a reason why the factory left it alone'
That makes sense. Hard to imagine there would be enough water, let alone enough pressure, for any of it to seep down past the coils. The 2-pin connector on each coil *should* seal sufficiently.