adjusting rear preload


I need some help. I can't get the #$@%&#$ rear preload ring to move at all. No I don't have the tool that Suzuki makes for that but I can't believe there's no other way to do it. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.
I made my own tool for the ring on my quad......hav'nt tried it on the Busa.

Took some large pump pliers and welded two tabs to the jaws so that when ya squeeze the pliers the tabs lock into the notches in the ring........and turn away.

I think the Busa is a little tighter area to get into though.....might not work as well.
You need the right tool for the job...Or a Long punch and a Hammer...Ting TIng OUCH, Ting Ting, OUCH....Dude Buy a Spanner wrench for $20 and be done with it...The right tool makes things so much easier. Besides once you loosen the locking ring the real fun begins...