Abs brakes

IMO, for a true sport bike I wouldn't want them, but could help some in panic situation (squeezing hard as u can and quick).  Honda VFR/GW has them but typically get negative feedback from experienced riders.  Don't like not having independent control of f/r brakes.

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I believe Hondas are linkes hence not being able to control front to rear. I know as of 2010 all Hondas above 250 cc will have ABS. Im interested in ABS not linked just a ABS system. Seems like alot of track crashes can be attributed to using to much brake in a corner causing High side from to much front and rear low slide also from to much rear. I know but it seems alot of the big track guys still use rear brake. It just got me thinking and after talking to alot of track guys being able to control braking is half the battle and ABS takes the guess work out as max braking without locking up and of course u wont get the abs to kick in unless u use max brakes. Its sounds pretty cool.
This is real interesting since on another brake thread people were crying  for people to NEVER use their rear brakes under any situation. Think HONDA got something wrong
? And for all those NEVER use the rear brake, it's all about modulation and understanding control dynamics
Yeah that "never use rear brake" thing has me puzzled too but to each his own....different riding style I suppose.
The "don't use the rear brake" pertains to off road excursions you might experience while at the track. Dragging the rear tire thru kitty litter is a guaranteed short trip.....over the bars.
The "don't use the rear brake" pertains to off road excursions
Newmill, read their comments ! Many weren't talking about off road or track use. Infact, several NO REAR BRAKERS were saying it pertained to all riding expecially street. Including one who side you could stop quicker in a straight line using only the front brake over using both front and rear
. I think too many people get confused on street riding vs max track riding which is totally different ! Different braking techniques and different approach to turns mainly because you don't have to worry about an 18 wheeler comming the other way in your lane ! And a race track pavement is shaped differently with alot less use than the street in addition to being alot wider than most public lanes
That rear brake is used very lightly but it is used by alot of profesional AMA riders as least the books that they have written alot of them seem to use it and the ones ive talked too. The info ive received they all seem to say ABS would be a good thing but then again everyone does have there own riding style and I know alot of racers never use rear brake on the track. As far as rear brake in bad traction or grveled streets never but again this is were ABS would really shine.