A what not to do video


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This may seem attractive and fun yet it is bs for many reasons...I like to run the bike fast but putting other people at risk is why they are trying to shut down the roadway...

Do a SideShow on the Bay Bridge - YouTube[/url]
OK so we don't know what was happening before the video so I can only comment on what I see in it. A group of bikes, all seem to be doing the legal speed. Cops intentionally holding them (and everyone else) up on the Bay Bridge. For what purpose? Are they planning on citing them all? If so for what? They expect them to stop as a group so they can jack them all up for whatever they were planning on?

I completely understand the bikers decision. Why pull over like a herd of sheep and have to hassle through the courts to get whatever they are going to charge them with dismissed. They can't catch them all, if they all run.

Further reason why I A) don't ride in groups B) don't trust that the cops are out there to protect and serve.

If I am riding along and I see cops doing this, I guarantee you my first impression is they are there are NOT here for the purpose of my safety and well being.

What the cops should have done is ride in with a team of motorcycle cops, so they have the resources to legally cite for an infraction, and then pull each over individually. 50 cops, 50 bikes. Do the job right, otherwise its just a bunch of wasted effort and as the video shows, works about as good as a fish out of water.
Who knows what they were doing prior to the video rolling to get the attention of the police?? That was a fairly large sized group of riders and its hard to control them because all it takes is 1 to say the hell with it and twist the throttle and most will follow suit. Kinda like when you turn on the lights they will scatter like roaches :laugh: Most of the guys in a large group like that have the mentality that theres no way a few cop cars can pull over 100 of them and it all comes down to the old expression " I don't have to outrun the bear.... I just have to out run you" :whistle: Which in this case I feel bad for the rider who just got his license and cant ride for chit and met these guys @ a gas station 5minutes prior to all this happening.............
I agree...the pack was on a huge group ride blowing through traffic...lives at risk...if one car freaks out and goes left / right they take out a few bikes...it is just an eye opener...it might be fun for awhile but not worth the risk / fines