A fine man, gone.


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Today a brave warrior was taken from us. My colleague and friend, Michael Landsbury, had done numerous tours in Afganistan, returned to his family and noble profession, a middle school coach and teacher, only to be cut down on a school playground. I remember we used to discuss how we would protect the children if a "combat situation" ever went down on campus. I greive for his family, his students and all those that knew and loved him. I was better for knowing him and we are lessened by his passing. Doyle
Just read about it online Doyle, such a needless tragic loss... Keep his memory alive by talking about him....
I'm truly sorry to hear this. It was a very unfortunate incident.
Sorry for the loss of your friend! Condolences to his family and friends.....
Oh no! I was talking to my best friend who lives in Sparks this morning and he said the injured were with his wife in the hospital, she works there. Now it hits closer. Im so sorry for his family and your friendship. Truly I am. RIP Michael.
there will be many discussions about this specific tragedy in the very near future. in honor of this hero's memory...lets make them positive and remember his sacrifice
A sheepdog was called upon to perform his duties. We are forever indebted for his service and sacrifice, may he rest in peace.
Truely a tragic event. It seems to hurt more when it directly affects you. My regards and thoughts go out to a soldiers family. May he rest in peace knowing he will be remembered as a true american hero.
sorry to hear of this...condolences and prayers to his friends and family
Still grieving myself I am sorry to say I now know how folks feel when a loss happens.
Most sorry for this.