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hi guys,

i have searched the threads about the sometime false neutral between 5 and sixth, and the only simple "try" seems to be to adjust the shift linkage down for a more positive shift.

i really love my busa, but i am starting to get concerned about the tranny. i just turned 10500 on the clock, and am hoping to get alot more miles before i pull it apart for any serious repair/ upgrade.

is it a sensible move to find a used tranny to go through to have when, and if i need to tear down, or are the tranny issues with gen 1 busas isolated to the 2/6 shift fork? if i need to do a major revamp i am thinking another tranny to get ready, but if it is a "simple " fix i will just work on the one i have.

Adjust your linkage. The tranny should be good for 100k or more with regular oil changes. The Busa tranny needs firm shifts.
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Foghoon Leghoon
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I have just gone over 9000 on my '09 GenII and never had any out of the ordinary tranny problems. I never had to use 6th until yesterday just to save gas on a trip to SD.
What part of SoCal are you in?
Ride safe, and I wish you much luck on this issue.


Foghoon Leghoon
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I am planning on going to the Queen Mary to see Jon Noonan. If you are game let me know.


Lily's Daddy
24k adjust the linkage no problems anymore your foot has to lift higher between 5-6th gears to makes the shift then it does 1-5
I have 16.7K on my gen 1 and the last 2K have been turbo'd and never had issues with the tranny except a couple times lazy shifting missing second, I just installed the Factory pro kit and it is really great I should have done it sooner, it is not to bad around 160 and it is not a huge job either (except that one bolt is a real pain hope you have patience...LOL) I would do that and it will probably cure most all of your possible lazy shifting...LOL


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Still running dino, never adjusted linkage , just kick the shid out of it. Mine missed occasionally because of me....
ok, so i adjusted the linkage, and now my shifts are much more positive. i think that i was suffering from lazy shifting. now the reach from 5>6 is no stretch at all.

i love simple fixes!

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