2nd time out!


Did you just run with the stock mufflers off?
Yes, I was cutting them down but I gave up because it was a pain in the ass. :rofl:

Right now Im going to continue riding it stock till I can get some really good numbers out of it. Its got some 30's in it. I just gotta find them. I do plan on doing the clutch mod and Im sure that will help out a whole lot. This back limiter annoys the piss out me. :banghead:


Those times are great for stock length. How much do you weigh? Any mods?
Thanks! I weigh about 165 in street clothes. The only mods I have done is lowering link and strap. Oh and a double bubble but I doubt that does much. Also I am not running the stock cans.

I do have about 2 years of experience. I started out with my 08 600. Got it running 10.50s, then swapped in a 750 motor and got it running 9.80s with minimal mods. (extended 8 over, slip on exhaust, no air filter, michelin power 1, air shifter, and lowered with a strap). So starting out small did pay off as I can tell so far. Theres a lot of guys at my local track on new busas that are swb and old busas with 4-10 over stretches and exhaust that cant touch me.

I personally decided to buy this bike because I saw a ole man at MIROCK going 9.10-20s with just an alienhead, tune and airfilter! Hes also an AMA racer so that has something to do with it. :bowdown: But anywho someday I wanna go low 8s on this bike. And its the perfect platform to get me there!:cheerleader::cheerleader:

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