2002 vs. 2003


My dealer has a 2002 in blue/black and a 2003 in silver/black. I love the blue/black color scheme and the dealer is willing to bargain with me more than on the '03 (go figure) but I was wondering what the differences in the model years are. Is it better to get the '03 or should I go with the one I like better? I know it's a silly question as it's all about personal taste but I don't want to buy an '02 if the '03 is a huge technological improvement. Thanks for the assistance.
Not much difference. The brake calipers and forks are gold colored now. And, the 2003's ECU has been reprogrammed so that the current TRE won't work for removing the limiter.

Go with the one you like personally everytime bro!
TRE does work. Same 32-bit ECU. 175 MPH top-end limit versus 186 MPH limit.

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If you like the 02.....buy it.....not enough changes to the 03 to warrant purchasing the bike you like second best.
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