2001 or 2002?


They got several 01's in stock for $9999. Only one 02 for the regular price (I think $800-$900 more). Are there any differences or are the bikes pretty much the same (performance wise)? Or should I just go with the one that looks the best to me (color scheme)?
The extra money dosen't matter to me. All the bikes are brand new.
Let me know what you think.

If extra bucks is not a concern go for the best looking bike in your eyes. If you like the 02' color scheme , go for it. The 02' is newer, if you ever sell.
everyone nows the black n blue is the best lookin busa get an 02 plus if your getting a loan its easier to finance a new bike than a "used" 2001 even if it has 0 miles.......i went through that run a round