2000 top speed limiter


I'm new to this board and also a new 'Busa owner. It's now 2:21 am and I still can't stop reading all the great information on this site. Still, I have a question. How do I get rid of the top speed limiter on my 2000 Hayabusa. I also read about a "yello box". What is it and where can I get one?
I emailed you.

Yours does not have a top end limiter. Chances are, the sprockets have been changed for better acceleration and you've hit the rev limiter. A number of other factors could also be an issue. You got yours from a dealer, so they probably do not have a clue as to the mods/maintenance done. Open it up and look for any changes to the fuel system, airbox and exhaust. Does it have a PCII or has it had mapping changes to the ECU (Yosh box).

When it hits the rev limiter, it should start oscillating ("EEEEE-EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE", something like 5-10 Hz range).

It is also possible that the dash has been changed and it is indeed a 2001 (in which case, I would think a TRE would have been already installed, unless it was taken out for another bike/sold). What color is it?
I am new to this board and would like to ask anyone about my Busa. First thing is that I have a 99 busa and kinda screwed up my engine coz of the chain tensioner, and ended up with two broken valves and a broken piston. Now i am checking on ebay for a 2002 engine with all the wiring harness etc, and would like to ask if it would fit my 99 busa. If anyone could give me details or any idea of some sort if it would fit and work. Thanks very much!Ride on!!!