200 mph


Well, here's my story.......I have a 2012 busa, my buddy has a 2008, we both have Yiroshima exhaust, K&N air filter, we will be lifting the restrictor and plugging the pair valve. There is an air strip north of where we live, near Cold Lake, it's a one mile stretch, we are taking our bikes there next summer, to try and beat the 200 mph mark. I guess you get a plaque if you reach 200 mph. I really want one of those plaques, what do you think? Anything else I should do before we go? My girlfriend says I should make out a will and kiss her goodbye....LOL
Small shot of NOS and rear sprocket gear change Some of the gurus will chime in but its harder than you think
You are making too big of a deal out of it. Falling into the trap many humans have - fascination with numbers. It's just a number in your head, and is really meaningless. How about you strive for 200 km/hour? Oh, you probably crossed that one already, so you deserve some sort of reward. Some people hit 200 on a regular basis, and don't make a big deal - maybe just a smile.

BTW, I think 1 mile is not enough, especially for a stock bike. In that quest for those extra few mph, you may not have enough room to slow down. You also may not have that moment to look at the speedo, or a GPS - unless the GPS records max speed. I would just go and have some fun, regardless of what speed you will hit. That's all that matters. I would also put some cones at the end, so you have a reference point of where to start braking. This way you can gradually change your braking points in reference to the cone. Remember the kinetic energy you will be carrying is proportional to the square of the speed. This means that close to 200, the bike will be slowing down a lot lazier than you would expect.

So, go out and have some fun, let your wives/girlfriends watch at the place where you will have max speed right before the braking point. After you had enough passes, have a picnic, and enjoy talking about your experience.
And to illustrate my point even further I demand a reward because I just hit 2000...

I used to live in Calgary and have ridden around lots in Alberta. there are enough long desolate highways with miles of sight lines and no intersections to try out your runs. take a slow ride down it one way looking for debris and lose gravel and other things you don't wanna see during those speeds and mark out a mile with your odometer. just try to start and finish safely within that mile knowing you have some extra room at the end incase you miss your braking mark and over shoot the ending. put 1 guy at each end and verify no live traffic and go for it. some people here might find that too dangerous but you've scouted your road, no surprises, and verified no traffic. it's as safe as being suicidal can be. that was how I buried my speedo the 1 and only time I did it. it took a little while unpucker but it was worth it
Gen2 with stock 18/43 gearing is only capable of 197 mph...and that's with perfect conditions, and over a mile.
You need 18/41 gearing, or 18/43 with a taller 55 series rear tire(stock rear is a 50 series)just to be able to reach 200mph.
The difficult part will be to do it in a standing mile.
LOL. Good observation! I strive for quality posts, and most of the time I am just reading. Come to think of it, I rode more miles than the number of times I posted - although nothing amazing about that.
It took you 10 years to do it.
"No soup for you!!!"
LOL. Good observation! I strive for quality posts, and most of the time I am just reading. Come to think of it, I rode more miles than the number of times I posted - although nothing amazing about that.
Me too, anyways, a number of guys have done it with ECU tweeks, but then again they all ran Brocks :whistle:
My bike has mods similar and more. (Ecu flash and PcV) it's been dyno tuned and is ready.
Where I live twenty mile or longer stretches exist alllllll over. Speed yes, twisties no.
Stock geared like mine you won't hit it. High 180s lo 190s on a perfect stretch and day yes.

And one mile total is not enough to hit speed and stop, you're in the dirt.
Listen 2 the advice from these guys. A Lot of people claimed to hit 200 but unless your using a gps it ain't gonna count :whistle:
Last time i tried i hit 198 with GPS. I recently found out my rear hub has a 40 tooth rear and the bike was still pulling. I have a 190/55 tire as well.
It is a 1999 Unrestricted first generation with Ram swingarm and direct drive hub with a 40 tooth rear and I am not sure of the front sprocket spec.


No chance you'll do it with those mods. And please, make sure it's longer than 1-Mile....we don't want either of you running off the end and crashing.

Is it a private event or just a runway you know of?