2 hours into the ride and we're not talking


Dis in my way!
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Well Trekkie and I left for the bash this morning about 5:45 am and things were going Okay for the first hour or so... We are trailering the bikes to Colorado and we have already made an invisible line in the truck so that we have our own side...

It all started when he started Jamming to meatloaf, we went to the rightous brothers and he topped off the Casey Casom top crappiest songs of all time by playing bizmarkie ??

The only thing that could possible make the music worse is the fact that he keeps pausing it because his cell phone keeps ringing....

I want a new riding partner... Its going to be a long 2 weeks.....

He's threatened to pull over and leave me on the side of the road in the panhandle of Oklahoma 3 times. He says he is going to throw me out with my laptop and a solar charger to call one of you to come and get me....



No training wheels?
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Well at least he is going to leave you with a solar charger!!! :laugh:

Play nice and have lots of fun!! :thumbsup:

Prayers for safe travels!


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what's wrong with meatloaf? paradise by the dashboard light :thumbsup:

you two have a fun little trip together don't forget to call and write


Lily's Daddy
you never close your eyes, anymore when I kiss your lipps....are you sure he isnt a little funny towards you:rofl:


Dis in my way!
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Dam Cap, call me and we will come get you. :beerchug:
Unfortunately were here in what Steve calls "Gods Country" where he lived for many years.. There is no phone service so I have a few more hours to just sit here and mind my own business and not say a word... You guys wait until we get into good phone coverage then I can let him have it again.... The ball is definately in his court right now........

Thanks for the offer James....

Don, I just wanted to let you know that Steve wanted me to ban you for a few hours just for fun, but I said "No sir"......

Has anyone ever been through the panhandle of Oklahoma or Texas, nothing to do....

I have to stop now cause he is threatening to throw my Iphone out the window.....


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:rofl: damn Cap! Sorry to hear that you sound like you are married all over again! Either way Safe trip and have fun! Say hi to the other board members for me!!! Ride safe too!


Just call me B.O.B
I have been through the abyss you are talking about. Count cows......it helps pass the time, somewhat.


Dis in my way!
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you pass the cattle yards near Amarillo yet?...they are usually pretty ripe in the summer.
We came up through the Oklahoma Panhandle and stayed away from I40...

Things are getting better now, we have Van Halen and some 80's hits on...

We got rained on a little, the bikes are spotted but its clear and dry now.

We are leaving the truck and trailer at a friends house in Colorado and will be unloading the bikes and putting a couple hundred miles on them tonight.

Reno here we come!

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