1999-2000 ecu/power commander question


hello, basically i have a 2000 hayabusa and im poking around trying to install a computer and link it with the ecu or power commander and from what i can tell its a 16bit ecu, now this is my confusion, i have searched alot online to do with the power commander and the ecu for the 2000 hayabusa, im getting alot of mixed feedback but

is the ecu really 16bit, if so can it be hacked, or, flashed? im asking this because it would be simpler to just serial directly into the ecu

however, im hearing alot of things like you cannot do this, only the later ecus 32bit can be flashed?

next question (sorry) is the power commander i was under the impression was a 32bit module? and the power commander 3r is a 16bit so works for the 2000, however i have a power commander USB3? how can this work? even thou it only adjusts fuel?

some serious confusion here haha, i dont mean to sound like im throwing it all at the community, but a few points in the right direction would be greatly greatly appreciated!

thanks alot,
I have no idea about the pc..but the 99-2000 are 16 bit..and no u cant hack or do anything with the 16 bit ecu..
whats part # ON THE USB YOU HAVE?

THERE ARE USBS FOR THE 99-00, 01 AND 02-07
thank you for your replies!

sorry for the late reply, i had replied before but i keep getting some kind of admin error which i will have to email support about,

basically I took a PC3USB from an (04?) GSXR i believe (part number something like 315-410) and i spliced it in after doing a remap away from the motorcycle,

now i believe it does work (to the best of my knowledge) tps line moves, bike runs normally etc but i have been told all it will do is adjust the fuel map, which is fine for nitrous oxide, but a little bit of a downer for some serious engine tuning i.E ignition timing, im wondering if i really have to do the rotor and ecu mod from the 04 hayabusa? or is there anything anyones heard about that they think could be done instead?

thanks alot for your time,
You need the ecu(and a few other parts to go with it) from an 02-07 to do any ecu flashing.
thanks sixpack, Its a shame but I have to agree, if i want engine timing, fuel adjustment and sensor output i will have to get hold of a new ECU and rotor, if i find a way to get at least sensor output from the PC3USB with my current 16bit ecu ill let you know

thanks for the help,