16 bit ECU to 32 bit Conversion How to


The slots that are open in your picture are supposed to be open at the word have been change or that's what it looks like right after removal from 16 bit I have an 01 and slots you have empty I have full
I seem to have the pin swap correct and the correct 62 bit ecm(an '05)..is my hub correct?..it has a tooth missing from the factory?) Could you please check my recent post with pics. I would really appreciate any advice. I am stuck.

Ludicrous Speed

The hub seems correct, but it has been years since I did this swap. If you aren't sure of what year rotor /hub you have, try to Google the part number and see if that turns up any info.


Hello. The topic is old, but I wanted to upload photos. Power Commaner 5 Autotune for Hayabusa 06 + 16bit ECUs Hayabusa 00 work smoothly according to this schemeI replaced the external pump with an internal pump from Hayabusa 06. All the wiring of the Commaner 5 cables was done with soldering the connections.







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