Fitting 32 bit ecu to early bike


Having now spent hours reading up on various sections in this forum I think the best value course of action ecu wise is for me to fit the later 32 bit ecu to my 2000 bike and use the ecueditor software to map it. Early mods will just be airbox, 4-2-1, and removing the exh pair valves but Im thinking later on prob going for a hi comp 1400cc with cams and head work. I have my own dyno and mapping is no problem.

I need to know, has anyone done this and is it documented. Ive read that the flywheel and stator should be replaced and im thinking the harness as well. Can anyone help?

SoCal Blur

I'm actually preparing to do the 32bit upgrade myself. The parts are arriving this week and then I'm sending the ECU out to Powerhouse to do some editing.

You didn't mention which year you have. In addition to the ECU and Rotor changeout, if you have a 99 - 00 you will either need to move a few pins around in the ECU connectors or replace the wiring harness. If you have a 01, I believe that the wiring harness will already accept the 32bit ECU.


I did this mod last year. Not sure how to explain it technical terms... But, holy sh*t balls did it make my bike faster!!! And my wife made the comment the other day, "every time you come back from a ride you have the biggest smile on your face."

Ludicrous Speed

Upgrading to the 02 and up electronics allows you to use the ECU editor, and it switches from 16 to 32 bit. Just a better system.

All that is required to switch a 99-2000 is ECU and stator hub.

2001 I think all you have to do is switch the ECU and not any wires. I am not sure about that, the 01 is the bastard of the ECU stuff


Stoopid kweshun but, what is the benefit of doing this?
We map a lot of cars with top end ECU's like Motec etc so to me a PC3 is really like putting a casio calculator on the bike, I want to be able to alter timing and control nitrous etc. HOWEVER having had a long conversation with a very respected UK tuner it turns out I will need to fit the 32 bit ecu AND a Power commander of some sort as he reckons trying to get fueling right using ecueditor is a very long process and he has never seen one done with a fuel graph as good as PC3 can give. Ive decided to race the bike in the 9.50 bike class so i need to be able to move timing and control nitrous and rev limits etc.

Ludicrous Speed

Personally, I think the power commanders are junk.

Yes, they work, but they are tricking the ecu into doing what you want, instead of doing it the right way. I had one fail, and cause all sorts of problems. Seen many others fail. To spray nitrous is a PITA, and you either have to have two of them and do map switching, or ride around on a fat map tuned for nitrous.

The ECU map switching is so much more reliable.

Now I have seen people use the ECU editor and get a tune, along with map switching, then use the PC and use a self tuning feature. I can understand that, but I go back to the reasons I do not like the Power COmmanders.
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