1397 bore kit

HP Junkie

damn mod bug has bit me again, i went and had my bike dynoed today and was pretty happy with the results 165hp uncorrected/ 100 lbstq. the only problem is I WANT MORE!!
I am seriously thinking of going big but want reliable power without filling bottles. so i guess my question is who has bored the block and how much did the job cost. the mechanic i go to gave me a quote;

1397 block
labor 4000.00 should give btwn 200 and 215 hp

so far ive got an 02 bus with;

micron full exhaust
k&n filter
ivans tre

any suggestions?
Go with the NA upgrade if your restricted from running a turbo, otherwise..........run A turbo system.
Less money, better investment.
1397 block--$1000 Exchange block
cams/sprockets--$700-$750 exchange cams
porting--$1300 from Carpenter
Fresh springs and valve job--Included in that port work from Carpenter
labor--Around $700-$800??

Don't forget, it's a great idea to get the
Oil gear from APE--$115
Heavy duty starter gear--$250  
After everything is done, you'll want to get it tuned properly.--$250 custom map.

Dyno numbers don't mean as much  as alot of people think. Every dyno is different. As long as the A/F ratio is correct, you are there.
Look for 195-205 hp and around 115lbs of torque, DEPENDING on the dyno.

May add $120 for a heavy duty battery.
Don't forget the airbox mod.

And don't go with the Yosh cams on a big motor with a ported head, they are more for a stock motor, or a big bore with a stock head. Ported heads need to breath.
Go with the MegaCycle .385s
Remember to get a very heavy dutie cluthch. A big bore and stroke motor pulls like crazy of the line.
oh i forgot to add the starter gear and custom map are included in the price. sounds like he's being straight, he is a wrench for team suzuki corona and has a pretty good size shop. time to put some money away , im going ahead with the upgrade sometime nov when the riding up here sucks.will have a stronger clutch installed also. ill keep everyone posted :D
I've have just done these mod's and i'm very happy with the results.E.T. 8.90@158mph and busy working on a dry shot.
This kit is worthed and lot of power on the road.I've also degreed the cams as per specification for top speed.
Do it and you'll have lot of fun

JC, i was told to stay away from yoshi cams because they were for a stock bore for the bore kit what size should i go with?
He said IF you are going into the head, go bigger than the .385s.
With that, he meant that you have to get shortened valve guides, so the spring retainer won't hit it at full lift.

MY choice would be the .385s, or the .415 Megacycles.

I'm not fond of Web, but thats just me.

"SOME" .395s hit.

What cams did your guy recommend?
How much difference (power & price) between 1397 & say 1585 big bore kits?
Anyone in or around Ohio do a similar setup, drive-in and drive-out?? Price??


BlueBusaKiller - WOW! Great job. Those rims are a good match to balance your wild paint. Who makes 'em? What happened to your rear barke caliper drag link too?
Bluebusakiller man that a sweet paint job...who did it for you and what did it cost.. I'm thinking about a custom paint jobover the winter??