09 Hayabusa won't start



I have a new 1200 miles 09 Hayabusa. I just put on Brock's pipes and changed the oil. The fairing is still off the bike and the O2 sensor has not been jumped.
I tried to start the bike to see what will happen and nothing.... The gauges come on, the fuel pump kicks in and the gauges reset but she won't turn over.
I have the bike in Neutral and the battery was on a tender and the lights are bright etc...

Any ideas?
Yes I did that, pulled the clutch lever. I do have new Yanashiki blade levers on the bike and don't know if it pulls back the clutch enough?
Also, there are not errors displayed in the console.
Start with the easy stuff first. She's getting power so that's good. Make sure you check the kickstand, that you levers are on right, and the kill switch is in the on position.

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Thanks so much for all your help.
I am the idiot. I did not install the Yanashiki clutch properly. This morning I took it off and put the old clutch lever back and it started right up.
I put the Yanashiki lever back properly and I am good.
I appreciate all your help.
They are amazing. Incredible sound. It is far better than I expected. Now I have to install the Bazzaz hardware....