07 busa with electrical issues


I was on ride this week and stopped for a soda and when I came back the bike wouldn't start. It appeared the battery was dead. So I got a jump from a motorist. The bike started right away but the turn indicators and front and rear turn signal began flashing. As soon as I took the cables off the bike died and would not start again unless jumped. So I called my wife and told her to bring me the new spare battery, multimeter and some cables , so I could get the bike home. The bike started up on the new battery but the turn indicators and signals were still blinking. The multimeter indicated the battery was not charging ,dc was fluctuating between 10.5 and 12.5 vdc. So I was close enought to home I rode it that way on the new battery, signals flashing all the way. So, where do I start looking for the issue? Obviously a charging located problem.....bike had no burps or bumps previously.
Bike details:
2007 busa, rs-22 exhaust, TRE , power commander , 13,500 miles.