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06 busa (my daily driver 60000+). Although the last few years I only ride 1 mile to work and back. I know, probably not enough to charge the battery but have done it for a few years without issue. About 4+ months ago, the battery crapped out. Replaced it (actually twice) but still had starting issues (like a weak battery) so for the last several months I would use my battery tender and charge it every couple of days and all would be fine. Monday....ride to work, wont start at night. So I leave it, come back in the morning....fires right up (insert scratching head emoji here). So I charge it at work anyway, ride home. Wednesday night, wont start again. This morning wont start. Put it on charge. Battery reads 12.6V turns the starter real slow like a dead battery (wont start). As I held the start button, hoping it would speed up and kick in....negative terminal started smoking. Bike runs great when I get it to crank. My guess's a starter issue. Wanted a few more opinions before I start changing $$$$$ parts.

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