06 Busa Dealers

Northern California: So what dealers are really selling 2006 at a great discount. In Modesto, D&H wants $11,300 OTD. There must be somebody up here that can beat that by 3 or 4 hundred. Welcome comments
2 dealers down here (So Cal) that have stock and are selling $10,250 OTD.

I would ride it up there for you and "2 up" it back with the girl friend...

Not really free delivery, you would be buying the gas and a beer when I get there.


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Call Jacques at Suzuki of Oakland. I just bought a black 06 for $10,700 otd. Call him and tell him I sent you. Good guy too.
Dang, they are selling for $9300.00 here in Virginia.... I know the Cal. model is different but that's a $1000.00 more on the west coast... Hey, I thought you guys were closer to Japan?
10,200 from triangle cycles north in Danville, VA..of course, since I'm in NC, I got hit with additional charges to ship it down to their NC store (which is a yamaha stealership)