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 Anybody know the stock HP rating of a '01 busa in the states? I have been hearing some conflicting #'s.... I believe it is the 165 area.......
Stock 01' hp is from 148-151hp depending on the bike when you buy it. Slight difference up and down depending on the factory degree of cams.

That 150hp will get you way up on the mph> you will not hit 165hp until you do pipes , airbox and things, or engine work.
Ninja Eater, what will a stock 2002 do. Not 185? About 140 is all I've had the guts to pull with mine. Those Flying Bricks go pretty good on the open road.
I have not heard what the speed limiter will allow on the 02' I would guess completely stock would pull about 180mph.

Anyone elese with exact numbers?
I think a stock '01 and '02 will do 186 top (governed). I have had my '01 to 170, and it had some pull left... My buddy said he hit 180, but then again I don't know if I really believe him... I know at 170 my head was whipping around so fast I could hardly see anything at all, let alone the speedo..........
Depends on what you call stock. No engine work is stock and will get you well over 180mph. Pipes etc. will get you over 190mph depending on your weight. I have hit 189mph on the GPS and expecdt to hit 201mph once the winds die down.
This speed topic was covered in the magazine "Sport Rider" October 2001 titled "No Limits--We Derestrict the Hayabusa and ZX-12R. Actually it is a series of articles.

The article found the stock Busa was 158.0 HP at 9750 and 98.4 at 7000. It is limited to 300 kph or 186.7 mph Using radar guns on stock bike, they posted 183.9 mph for the Busa and 185.6 for the ZX-12R. Using the TRE or equivalent they got 192.4 mph for the Busa and 190.2 for the ZX-12R with a slight tail wind. They did other runs under slightly conditions and modifications to both bikes and the ZX-12R was slightly faster.

Hope I got everything right, but you can read the article.
I have run 207.6 mph by gps. But I have a heavily modded busa........................................Knebnr
Knebnr, I knew that you have been 200 + but 207.8, i am impressed. I hope to hit about 201-203mph this year. Are you lowered also?
No not lowered Bike ran that number in stock trim. The bike has race tech suspension but is not lower than a stocker....
Neat, I don't plan on lowering mine for now either. You do nead a calm day or those winds just pick you up don't they. How much more do you thik you can get out of your Busa?
OK this may sound dumb but how do you use a GPS to tell speed I dont have one is there a button that does it or alot of math My friend has a radar gun and I was going to use that and see what my busa would do I know with just a pipe on my 2000 I can smoke him on his 900 Kawi and he said he ran 170 on radar I was only in 5th
Not sure if they all do it but most can tell you ground speed. They get signals from a couple of satellites, compares them and then figures it out somehow.
I think maybe on a cooler day I might get to 210 we will have to see though. I would have to change gearing to go faster as stock busa is geared for 207 so I think gearing is the limiting factor right now.................

Should be interesting I have the 18/41 gearing on my Busa , which has the potential with the right hp to go well beyond 203mph (or as you indicated 207mph).


All of the GPS units that I have seen will calculate MPH and top MPH per run. They are accurate with in 56ft to 26 ft depending on the unit.
Here is my dyno chart of Stock 02 Busa with Yoshi slip ons. It pretty much shows good stock numbers and that slip on only add looks and some noise.


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Good numbers, but remeber faster out means you need faster in if you want to increase the hp. You have it in good shape for what you are running.

Wow..no wonder it goes so good..125 hp's at a ridiculous low rpm of 3,500..amazing..and then close to 150 hp's at 6000...rode near sea level last friday..had a hard time believing how the busa just lunges ahead at those low rev's..third gear....guess you can't just twist it up anywhere anytime..pavement better be smooth....learning..makes a veteran sportbike rider feel like a newbie..which is good....what a mental challenge....scaryfun..
could you post what your indicated tach reading was @ 207?
which i think you used stock gearing.. Thanx..seen 10,200 rpm in fifth so far..
Ya reading the lines incorrectly, the 125 at 3500 rpm is the torque curve and the other is the HP. But that much torque so early does make the the bike kick from those revs quite nicely and the surge of power after 7000 is the HP. Thats why for standard street riding i hardly have to go above 4000 rpm unless i wana have fun.