'01 busa


Tach indicated was 10,800 in 6th gear...... My busa has a stroker crank so peak power is 10,200 on the dyno jet 250 dyno.


Thanx Viking..looked at the chart again..it's the torque that makes it lunge so sweetly..around 75-80 ft pounds @ 3500 or so. :hammerhead:


The Watcher

If you hit those sppeeds with stock gearing, 18/41 will not hurt your low end at all with your HP. I am running the 18/41 and have friends down in Florida that are running the 18/41 fro 9/10's runniing. I can keep up with a 1397cc stroker when I hit my bottles. Hey maybe 19/41 and Turbo? What do you think about 220mph? yhea I know they don't make a 19, but just maybe.
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