1. I

    Hayabusa gen 1 1300 GSXR stottering bad throttle response misfiring only under load or half throttle

    Hello hayabusa community, Sorry for my english but i am from germany and try my best. I have a problem with my hayabusa gen 1 engine which is fitted in a desert buggy. we got it from a friend. It was build by an american company and everything worked perfekt. The buggy stood 5 years outdoor in...
  2. pashnit

    A Perfectly Good Bridge

    A friend asked if I wanted to jump off a perfectly good bridge, attached to an elastic tether known as a bungee. She was a cute redhead and had a Porsche. The decision wasn’t difficult. Now being young, jumping off a perfectly good bridge with a cute redhead sounded like great fun for a Friday...
  3. J

    People i crashed a second time this ones a deers fault too

    So I crashed again people smh. I'm disapointed in myself for going out and taking chance taking late night ride yes but, I hit a deer tonight and it was the worse crash for me yet. Was a beatiful day for my area in lower nys like 70 degrees. I guess the deer thought the same huh. Well I went out...
  4. Hayabusa all the way!

    Hayabusa all the way!

  5. M

    2008 Suzuki Hayabusa no dash lights or brake light

    Was riding last night lights just went out help!
  6. Jellyrug's lady

    Jellyrug's lady

  7. N

    Rear Brake Resoviur

    Ever wonder where it is?Its nearly impossible to access it without lifting or removing the tail section.It's easy to remove.I changed to dot 5 in my clutch and front and rear brakes.Flushed out first with denatured alcohol. I also changed the clutch to kevlar with heavy duty springs and I got a...
  8. J

    New To And Biking

    Hey guys, this is my first post on, but I've been looking around for a long time. I thought that since I'm going to be taking some safety and learner's courses that I might as well make a post. I've always loved the Hayabusa, but I am not an idiot. I know my own limitations and will...
  9. My Hayabusa

    My Hayabusa

    Pics of my 2005 Hayabusa
  10. My Hayabusa

    My Hayabusa

    Pics of my 2005 Hayabusa
  11. 2002 Hayabusa

    2002 Hayabusa

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